Batgirl in peril!

For this week I choose 6 pictures I found in the last weeks. Thanks to the ones who posted them and/or created them!

All 6 pictures show our beloved batgirl in different dangerous situations…..

A little preview:

And here are all 6 pictures in full size:

LINK: Batgirl in peril!

Feel free to leave a comment ;-)

Hall of Fame will be updated next friday!

Batgirl Cosplay #11

Time for a new Batgirl Cosplay. To be precise: the new Batgirl after the latest redesign.

Here you can see all 6 pictures in full size:

LINK: Batgirl Cosplay #11

How do you like the cosplay and the new batgirl outfit?

I guess most of you know what I think about that new cowl….

Here is the link to the cosplayer

[Hall of Fame] – Lady Shiva VS the Birds of Prey!

One scene was still missing to cover the legendary episode completely!

Lady Shiva unmasked Batgirl and discovered her secret identity. Now she is after a friend of Batgirl…. and finds more resistance than she expects…

(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

LINK: [Hall of Fame] – Lady Shiva VS the Birds of Prey!

Really good scene, until the last seconds of the fight :-(

That mask needed to be ripped off…. ;-)

Check out Birds of Prey in the Hall of Fame!

(more videos can be found there)

Adversaries – Part 4 – Pranksters – Nostalgic Source

Hey folks, time for the next episode of Adversaries from Nostalgic Source. In this one Prank Mistro and Trixie are wanna take revenge on Tara Voss….well that could get difficult for our heroine BatMasque… ;-)

(click to enlarge)

Here is the video with all the action, suspense and peril:

LINK: Adversaries – Part 4 – Pranksters – Nostalgic Source


How do you like it? Feel free to leave a comment to this or any of the earlier episodes…

[Hall of Fame] – Black Scorpion Gallery (44 Images)

Another post! Why? To celebrate the famous Black Scorpion series!

On the Black Scorpion series DVD set is a strange slide show with a length of over 40 minutes! Well some pictures are shown again and again, but there is plenty material that most of you, even if you watched the whole show, haven’t seen!

I took the best pictures of Black Scorpion and Darcy Walker!

A little preview:

And here is the whole gigantic gallery, full sized 44 pictures:

LINK: [Hall of Fame] – Black Scorpion Gallery (44 Images)

Great material, or?

Hall of fame updated with a Black Scorpion entry!

Check it out!

[Hall of Fame] – Batgirl unmasked by Lady Shiva!

So, as promised, the famous highlight of Birds of Prey! In a second fight it’s Batgirl VS Lady Shiva again!

Most of you know how it ends ;-)

(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

LINK: [Hall of Fame] – Batgirl unmasked by Lady Shiva!

*EDIT* Updated last time March, 31th, should work now!

Hall of Fame updated!

What do you think of this scene?

(Another video from this episode will follow the next weeks)

[Hall of Fame] – Batgirl VS Lady Shiva – Round 1 (+Bonus clip)

I feel ashamed that I haven’t posted about this one before. For me it’s absolutely “Hall of Fame” material, the most of you know this one already I guess (if not……something went wrong ;-) ).

So let’s enjoy!

Batgirl confronts Lady Shiva, which (of course) ends in a fight!

(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

LINK: [Hall of Fame] – Batgirl VS Lady Shiva – Round 1

My opinion about it? Why is it Hall of Fame” for me?

Read more in the new “Hall of Fame” Section!!

Birds of Prey – Hall of Fame

 Hall of Fame – Main Page

In addition I have another clip!

Barbara puts on her mask!

(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

LINK: Barbara transform into Batgirl

Great scene! :-)

Most of you will know that there is “more”… you are right, another 2 clips will follow within the next weeks!!!

Mr Felix and his masked maidens – #3

So, how about some more insane japanese unmasking videos? For today I chose 3 videos from Mr. Felix!

A preview:


Warning! Some nudity involved!

*The videos are all for download on a trusted site*

LINK: – Video 1 – Glamour Heroine Unmasked Again

LINK: – Video 2 – japanese heroine unmasked 00

LINK: – Video 3 – pink glamour and underwear-mask unmasked!

(titles borrowed from Mr. Felix)

Oh the japanese and their masked heroines….good stuff!


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Masks Off! #28 – Batgirl in various mask related scenes (in one comic)

In this comic Batgirl has several mask related scenes…. without any spoilers…here is a little preview:

….and here are the complete 7 pages at full size:

LINK: Masks Off! #28 – Batgirl in various mask related scenes

Some good scenes ;-)

Which comic does contain these scenes?

LINK: Batgirl Comic

Adversaries – Part 3 – The Good VS the Mad – Nostalgic Source

Another month passed away and it’s time for another episode of “Adversaries” from Nostalgic Source! In this episode the BatMasque encounters the mad scientist. And he is a curious guy…. ;-)

(click to enlarge)

And here it is…. Episode 3:

LINK: Adversaries – Part 3 – The Good VS the Mad – Nostalgic Source

What a great episode with a world-class unmasking!

Meanwhile on my other Blog …. Frogwomen


… another masked woman shows up!

Check it out!

LINK: Frogwomen

Mr Felix and his masked maidens – #2

Mr Felix send me enough material for a few weeks so the series continues… 2 new videos:

Video 1:

(click to enlarge)

The video:

LINK: Glamour heroine unmasked

A great mask-rip in my eyes, even the scene could be longer….

Video 2:

(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:
LINK: Glamour fights until the end to protect her identity!

Good mask struggle :-)

And thanks again to Mr Felix!

Mr Felix and his masked maidens – #1

Thanks to Mr. Felix I will present some nasty japanese videos. For today these 2 videos…

(click to enlarge)

LINK: Glamour heroine captured and unmasked

!!!Warning, nudity included!!!



And here is the 2nd video:

(click to enlarge)

LINK: Unmasking heroine

More video like these may show up in the future, if you like ;-)

Catwoman chained up in “Batman VS Deadpool”

Some of you folks may already seen it, but for those who don’t….

In this video Deadpool wants a fight with Batman, and how does he decoy him? By kidnapping Catwoman!

She is chained up and Deadpool enjoys the…..view….

(click to enlarge)

EDITED the link, the old one didn’t work (and no one was telling me…)

And here it is, the video with our favorite cat:

LINK: Catwoman chained up in “Batman VS Deadpool”

What do you guys think about this catwoman version and her costume?

I really like the cowl, but on the same time the whole thing with the goggles…. not my thing. The goggles are way to often “up”, so it doesn’t make a good mask.

If you wanna see more superhero fights from the same producers:

LINK: Youtube

Adversaries – Part 2 – Tormented – Nostalgic Source

So, a new month, a new episode of Adversaries!

BatMasque (now in her new, “advanced” outfit) is after an evil serial killer!

(click to enlarge)

And here it is, the new episode “Tormented”:

LINK: Adversaries – Part 2 – Tormented

Great stuff, don’t you think? :-)

P.S.: There is a new category on the site, have you found it already?


Masks Off! #27 – Two unmaskings and a Spider-girl

For today I have two scenes with Spider-girl! Two scenes where her mask is involved…. ;-)

Of course that isn’t everything, the “critical” are included here….5 pages in full size:

LINK: Masks Off! #27 – Two unmaskings and a Spider-girl

Two great scenes! Why? I love the dialogues about her fear to lose her secret identity, great stuff!


What an amazing…. Catwoman!

Today’s video is very short, only 18 seconds to be honest. But I guarantee: This is one hell of a Catwoman home video!

(click to enlarge)

And here it is….. Catwoman in front of her mirror:

LINK: What an amazing…. Catwoman!

That outfit is really hot! And I love the mask!

It hides her identity very well and is attached to the suit… Well, that could be a great unmasking ;-)

Shame that the video isn’t longer and that we can’t see her legs in full, but it’s one of the best catwoman costumes in my opinion!

Bad Woman VS Catman (aka the weirdest “Superhero” movie…)

Hey folks, for today I have another video. This time a very weird one…

Be happy if you don’t speak german, so you can’t understand the spoken madness of the video, the video is insane enough ;-)


(click to enlarge)

So, here it is the video:

LINK: Bad Woman VS Catman

So, why did I show you that video?

Because of “Bad Woman”, I love the Batman mask on her. A mask that actually hides the identity and could be used for great unmasking scenes ;-)

(hard to get it off)

*And thanks to NS for finding it!

Adversaries – Part 1 – The Secret – Nostalgic Source

So, the year 2015 has started….and this is the year of “Adversaries” from Nostalgic Source! Every month this year a new episode will hit YouTube :-)

And I was allowed to promote that great project, so……time to start the story of Tara Voss, a girl who becomes BatMasque!

(click to enlarge)

And here it is, part 1:

LINK: Adversaries – Part 1 – The Secret – Nostalgic Source

Stay tuned for more episodes! :-)

Masks off! #26 – Batgirl and her….. copycat!

So, christmas break is over….I have something for you. In this issue, Batgirl has a copycat, that wants to be THE Batgirl.

Both are very curious who’s under the others mask…. ;-)


I have 9 pages in full size for you…check out who will win the unmasking fight…

LINK: Batgirl and her….. copycat!

Even I don’t like the new Batgirl design, this issue was good, great “mask talk” and more….


Here is the issue with the whole story:

LINK: Batgirl

Asian catwoman…..trapped! #5

And now the final part of our little catwoman in the trap (The highlight ;-) ).

The evil villainess wants to see the face under that MASK!


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

LINK: Asian catwoman…..trapped! #5

Hope you enjoyed the little “movie-series”….

Catwoman Cosplay #9 – TDKR Catwoman

Hey folks, it’s way too long since I presented some great catwoman pics…

Here is a great set of pictures:

In total I have 12 pictures incl 2 where she wears a different outfit and no mask… ;-)

LINK: Catwoman Cosplay #9 – TDKR Catwoman

That’s the great work of cosplayer Staceyleeh, you can find her page here (LINK)

Well, as I may said before, I don’t like that mask, but the rest of the outfit is really awesome :-)

Asian Catwoman….trapped! #4

The story continues….our catwoman is trapped and the villainess has special plans for her.


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video for your entertainment:

LINK: Asian Catwoman….trapped! #4


Huntress hunted….by the police!

Before the video will be continued it’s time for another great fan-comic! Huntress is chased by the police, so she is forced to fight them…. ;-)

And I show you the whole comic! 20 pages!

Some Pics:

And here you go, can Huntress escape the police and defend her secret identity? Check it out, 20 pages in full size:

LINK: Huntress hunted….by the police!

Great stuff!

And if you see the last page you may recognize the link to another story of the same creative mind… (you will see a link on the pictures)

The other story (with batgirl can be found here:

LINK: Batgirl chased by the police #1

LINK: Batgirl chased by the police #2

Asian Catwoman….trapped! #2+3

Seems like you wanna know how the story will continue…. ;-)

Well, our little catwoman is now trapped! And it’s gonna get sticky….. and the evil masked villainess will take advantage of her….situation. I edited two parts for you folks, so check them out:

(click to enlarge)

And here is part 2:

LINK: Asian Catwoman….trapped! #2






And as a bonus I got part 3 right too….

(click to enlarge)

Part 3:

LINK: Asian Catwoman….trapped! #3

Well, that messy glue thing isn’t exactly my stuff but that catwoman is so sexy…..