Asian heroine (batgirl type) in trouble! – Part 1

Another video for you folks! This asian “batgirl” fights against some monsters and thugs….and of course she gets in trouble… ;-)


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

LINK: Asian heroine (batgirl type) in trouble! – Part 1

Japanese heroine madness…. :lol:

She has a fine suit…. :-)

The mask is ok.

More parts to come if you wish it..

How to destroy a superhero(ine)!

[If you haven’t seen the flash episode aired on November 10th…. SPOILERS ahead!]

Ok, first I must admit: The following scene doesn’t have a masked superheroine but a masked superhero. So why is it relevant for this site?

It is a really great scene! Imagine this scene with a woman under that rubber mask! The danger of being unmasked in front of the public, the ripping destruction of her mask… Believe me, you don’t wanna miss it! It is a fantastic setting…

So, check it out:


(click to enlarge)

Here is the scene:

LINK: How to destroy a superhero(ine)!

>>>> And if you wanna see just the UNMASKING on SlowMotion: <<<<


In my eyes it’s a fantastic scene! The danger of being unmasked in front of the press and the police! And the actual unmasking!

I love it when the mask is ripped and destroyed. Much more interesting than a simple “pull off”.

And his mask is pretty  good for an unmasking! Of course there is room for improvement… it would be even better if Barry would be conscious during that scenes ;-)

Your opinion?

White masks VS Evil – Part 3 and 4

So, here are another 2 parts edited for you folks!

Part 3 is on youtube. Part 4 is available for download (free user) because it has some ….adult content ;-).

Preview (part 3):

(click to enlarge)

And here is part 3:

LINK: White masks VS Evil – Part 3

And here is the final part…


(click to enlarge)

And here is part 4:

LINK: White masks VS Evil – Part 4

One of the longest unmasking struggles I’ve seen so far!

Great stuff!


White masks VS Evil – Part 1 and 2

For today I got the first two out of four parts of White masks VS Evil (not the original title)!

3 masked female fighters battle Mr. Evil and his henchmen…

Preview part 1:

(click to enlarge)

And here is part 1:

LINK: White masks VS Evil – Part 1

And there is one more part for today!


(click to enlarge)

And here is part 2:

LINK: White masks VS Evil – Part 2

Your opinion?

(to be continued….if you wish)

Female thief unmasked in public!

So, several weeks ago I presented a trailer. A trailer were a masked Olga Kurylenko is unmasked in public!

Now I got the whole scene!

Here you go, a little preview (without showing the unmasked Olga):

(click to enlarge)

And here is the scene:

LINK: Female thief unmasked in public!

Wow, her face after she is unmasked…. and realises that around 20 people watching her. Great!

Your opinion?

The movie title:


Catwoman Cosplay – #15 (and #16)

Another two catwoman cosplays for you! One catwoman-comic look (it’s around 10 years old -(1)), and a unique approach on the cat (2).

Which one do you prefer?


Here are all 18(!) pictures in full size:

LINK: Catwoman Cosplay – #15 (and #16)

My opinion:

  1. Good suit with nice… views. But I don’t like the goggles.
  2.  Interesting design! Nice idea with the transparent elements. But the cowl is too “bulky” it doesn’t fit so good. And the boots, hmh, not my taste…

Your opinions?

Action Girl – Music video – (with unmaskings!)

For this weeks post I edited another fine video for you folks!

It’s kind of a music video…but with a masked girl, Action girl! And listen carefully to the “singing”…. ;-)

Great line!


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

LINK: Action Girl – Music video – (with unmaskings!)

Great outfit! And the mask is pretty good (covers enough).

Your opinion?

Masked female bandit – Part 2

2nd post (out of 2) for today!

So, last week I introduced the masked female bandit here on maskripper. Time to see how it goes on!

She stops another carriage of rich people and starts to rob them as suddenly another masked bandit appears! And that one doesn’t like competition. Someone has to lose his or her mask!


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

LINK: Masked female bandit – Part 2

[*EDIT*: Moved to dailymotion]

They should make more movies like this ;-)

Catwoman Cosplay – #13 (and #14)

1st post (out of 2) for today!

For today we have 2 different catwomen and 2 different cosplayers!

The Batman Returns version and TDKR version. Which one do you prefer and why?


Here you can view 12 pictures in full size:

LINK: Catwoman Cosplay – #13 (and #14)

Close call, but I would choose the costume from Batman Returns.

Or better: I would combine the mask from Batman Returns with the TDKR suit ;-)

Masked female bandit – Part 1

So, now I am “allowed” again to post videos on youtube, so let’s start with that.

I have a movie with a masked female bandit. It has some nice scenes to offer, so let’s start with her first appearance…


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

LINK: Masked female bandit – Part 1

As you may noticed a stopped the scene before it reveals too much… ;-)

The title won’t be revealed this early.

That’s an effective mask :-)

Poll time!

I’m curious which one(s) of these tv-shows you are watching? All of them will start their next season in the next weeks….

That will start in late October… (1st season)

Arrow – Another masked woman! Hawkgirl! (Flash, Legends of Tomorrow)

2nd post for today!

Another masked woman will appear in my hall of fame tv-series Arrow! She will be a member of the new show “Legends of Tomorrow”, but also appear in Flash and Arrow.


(click to enlarge)

Great mask! :-)

But no chin strap? That would make an unmasking all too easy… :-(

The costume is solid.

Your opinions?

Spider-Gwen – cosplay and art

1st post for today (out of 2)

Hey folks, how about some pictures of Spider-Gwen? For today some cosplay pictures in combination with some good art pictures.

Some pictures (6)  were send to me by a helpful user, the others (4) are from me. Thanks man! So 10 pictures in total for you!


And here are all 10 pictures in full size:

LINK: Spider-Gwen – cosplay and art

I guess I couldn’t hold her like that, without getting a ….. ;-) :-)

Batgirl VS Cain (VS Catwoman)

Since I am banned from youtube for another 10 days (no new uploads), some more pictures…. (some days ago a “nice person” reported a video that he/she thought had too much nudity).

I have something big for you, I have something great for you. I can’t post it here because of 2 reasons. The story consists out of 71 (!!!) pictures and it contains XXX. It made a zip file for you so that you can easily download on a free site.

A story with Batgirl, Catwoman and a ruthless, evil foe.


And here it is, the whole story:

LINK: Batgirl VS Cain (VS Catwoman)

WOW, just WOW! The art, the sexy outfits. For my taste the story is a little bit to “evil”, but nonetheless, it’s a great work!


The site of the author can be easily found by watching the pictures ;-)

Get active and you will be rewarded!

You wanna see the Adversaries series (the old and future episodes)?

You want an active forum (about masked women) with lots of videos, pictures and discussions?

Well, this is your chance!

NS and I decided to start a little forum project! The TOYM board shall rise again!

The disclaimer:


1— First you have to be a Member of TOYM board. (TOYM= Take of your mask)

If you are already….fine! You must post at least 100 posts and then you can access a special section where you can watch the episodes. However, the posts can not be super short like “that’s cool, That’s Awesome.”

We wanna see links, pictures, videos and useful comments. All shall profit.

2.—Second, you must have a Youtube Username or Gmail Email.

3.—Third, once you have posted 100 posts ….send your Youtube Username/Gmail to me and I’ll forward it.

4.—First 40 will be approved.  


And here is the link to the forum:

Take your time!

Batgirl in action – Art

Hey, time is really short on my hand ….so here a quick post about my favorite heroine… Batgirl.

This artist made some great Batgirl pictures :-)


All in all 12 pictures in full size:

LINK: Batgirl in action – Art

I love the costume. Nice shape and materials ;-)

And the mask is really well made too…

If you wanna see more of this artist:

LINK: More of this artist

Batwoman – Cosplay/Action Shot

2nd post for today!

Time for more Batwoman! Found these cool pics, with some action included!


And here are all 9 pictures in full size:

LINK: Batwoman – Cosplay/Action Shot

I would say: Very well made! :-)

The Beauty and her mask

1st post for today!

I got this via recommendation from a helpful viewer, thanks a lot!

It is a rather short scene, but damn, our masked maiden is so gorgeous! With and without mask :-)

Preview (without “Spoiler”):

(click to enlarge)

And here is the whole scene:

LINK: The Beauty and her mask

She is such a beauty! :-)

Her as a masked thief in a movie…chased by a cop. Oh man! That would be something!

*EDIT*: If you will see an AD before the video… it’s from the copyright owner (warner brothers), damn new youtube rules….

Here is the title of the movie, if you don’t know how she is (you missed something), you will know it:

LINK: Title and actress name

Batgirl Cosplay # 12

A 2nd post for today! Another fine Batgirl Cosplay for you…


And here you can see all 9 pictures in full size:

LINK: Batgirl Cosplay # 12

Nice version of my favorite heroine!

Darkwing 9 – Defeated – Trailer and pictures

1st post for today (out of 3)!

I present another Darkwing video! A trailer, some pictures and info where to get it.

Darkwing (Batgirl ;-) ) is at home…. as she’s attacked by a masked female assassin!  (She is in costume for the first part of the video)


(click to enlarge)

Here is the trailer:


I teamed up with the producer, that means that you won’t find the video here. So don’t ask for it.

But you will notice that there are no AD links at all in this post.

Just some pics and the trailer for your entertainment.


If you like what you saw, here are the links to get the whole video:

Extreme (Death) version:

Peril (Non-Death) version:

Nice to see who vulnerable Darkwing is without her costume and her mask!

And the masked female assassin is pretty hot too…

Check this out! #1

(2nd post for today - check the first one out below)

For today I wanna present a new series that will hit the web in the near future.

I wanna see it! I wanna see it NOW! But I guess you folks and myself will have to wait a little longer until…..


will hit the screen!


Some pictures first:

(click to enlarge)

Here some links:

LINK: Cowl girl videos

LINK: Cowl girl website

On these sites you will find more info and links!

There will a some sort of series were Cowl Girl will be the leading role!

Oh man! I guess I mentioned before that I LOVE “strong” mask (like the batman type) on women. Masks that can’t be pulled off by every little child.

And the batman rubber mask looks really GREAT on her in my opinion :-)

What do you guys think? Feel free to leave a comment!

Where’s “Adversaries”?

Some of you may have noticed that every episode from “Adversaries” that was on this blog is gone now…

A statement from the producer:

Attention Maskripper Fans,

For the last 3 years, I have been putting a lot of time and effort into this series. I purposely made the series unlisted for a reason and had hoped fans just enjoyed it for what it was. I was hoping for lots of positive comments and encouragements…but instead I got lots of silence and requests. I’m not a Superheroine Producer. I’ve noticed that I recently got a thumbs down on Episode 8 and also got a thumbs down in Episode 2 back in Feb.

Let me remind you that this was a Free Series done for fun and it’s unlisted. I have asked Maskripper to remove all things related to Adversaries off his site. I’m sorry but you fans do not deserve to see how this Series ends.

It’s a shame that the actions of a few always ruin it for the many.



He asked me to post the above statement. I know that this will make some folks a little …..unhappy, but right now we are working on a solution where the people who deserve it will see the old episodes and the new ones that will be published in the future.

I will keep you updated!

Catwoman Cosplay #12

Hey, time for some more Catwoman! Stumbled upon this one, a good costume and a wide variety of ideas.

A little preview:

And here are all 9 pictures in full size (incl. two UNMASKED):

LINK: Catwoman Cosplay #12

Interesting variation of the Tim Burton movie costume…. :-)

I envy the photographer, but on the other side I guess I couldn’t do such a photoshoot without getting….