Batgirl Cosplay #14 +a Dina Meyer…

….secret extra picture! You all (should/must) know the Batgirl from the Birds of Prey TV-show that was played by Dina Meyer.

Well in this cosplay we have a cosplayer that made such a Batgirl outfit!

And I’ve added a great, sexy picture from Dina Meyer where she puts on her Batgirl outfit!:-)

And here are the pictures:

LINK: Batgirl Cosplay #14 +a Dina Meyer…

Oh man!

I guess I would have some serious….difficulties…making such pictures of her😆

As I may have told before…the Birds of prey tv-show batgirl outfit is simply the best! Black rubber and black leather.. great!

With the exception of the mask desgin….well, as I said in the Hall of Fame section.

Your opinion?


Heroine in distress – part 1

Hey folks, it’s time for a new video!

I edited this one for you: A heroine in a great costume in sneaking around an abandoned factory. But surprise, surprise….it’s not so abandoned as she thought😉


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

LINK: Heroine in distress – part 1

In parts a standard “heroine in peril” clip, with a lame story, bad acting and everything. But this one a nice mask (that hides something) and a really sexy outfit! Wow! Much better than 95% of the usual.


Cosplay: Spider-woman #3

Thanks to a friendly user named “Jessica Drew”…. I got these pictures of a Spider-woman cosplay. And they are worth sharing:-)


All in all there are 9 pictures in full size incl. some shots where she unmasks for the camera:

LINK: Cosplay: Spider-woman #3

If you are looking for the cosplayer…. here she is:

LINK: Cosplayer

Nice outfit! And I love the spider-woman mask…. It covers her secret identity well.

Masked and unconscious – part 2

So, it’s time for the 2nd part! Last time our sexy heroine was left unconscious on the floor. What will happen next? I edited a pretty long video for you folks! (around 7 minutes)


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

LINK: Masked and unconscious – part 2

In case you missed part 1, here it is.

Well, she and her outfit are gorgeous. Great work!

Ripping a full face mask

Remember this one?

Well, time for payback! And again, like in the first video… imagine a woman behind this great full face rubber mask…

This is my favorite unmasking “way”. Don’t just pull off the mask… no! Rip it open… destroy it.:-)

That’s great, and very rare😦

But check it out for yourself:

(click to enlarge)

>>>WARNING: The video contains SPOILERS regarding “the Flash”!<<<

And here is the video:

LINK: Ripping a full face mask

Of course they cheat in this scene by not showing the most important part, but I love the scene nonetheless.

Just put a woman behind the mask and add a slow unmasking by mask-ripping😉

Your opinion?

Meeting a masked, female sniper…

It’s sunday again, time for a new post.

In kind of a sequel to “pursuit with a mask“, a present another scene from the same tv-series.

In this one our hero and our heroine are getting under fire from a sniper. A masked sniper. A masked, female sniper to be precise!


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

LINK: Meeting a masked, female sniper…

And here is the link to the episode of the tv-series:

LINK: Title

(link now added to the first scene too)

Good action scene with a masked woman:-)

Masked and unconscious – part 1

I got another video for you folks!

In this one you will see a hot, masked woman in a skin-tight black catsuit. She is investigating an abandoned house as suddenly….


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

LINK: Masked and unconscious – part 1

If you like the video, I might show you more…😉

*EDIT*: Here is part 2.

I love the black catsuit and her boots… and she looks gorgeous in it!

The mask is solid, hides at least something.

Your opinion?

Pursuit with mask!

For today I got a good action scene where a some “friendly biker” attacks our hero and his crew. And you’ll find out why that fits on this blog…😉


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:
LINK: Pursuit with mask!

(If you see an advert on youtube, that is from the copyright owner of the material)

Well, that biker could chase me anytime, anywhere😉

I got more scenes from that TV-series, it’s one of my all-time favorites!

More scenes in the next weeks!


And here is the episode and title of the show:

LINK: Title

BatwomEn unmasked!

Yes you read right! I edited two clips for you guys with three unmaskings!😉

And three different types!

I don’t wanna spoil any more so, see for yourself!

Preview 1:

(click to enlarge)

And here is the first clip:

LINK: BatwomEn unmasked! – Part 1

And there’s more!

Preview 2:

(click to enlarge)

And here is the second clip:

LINK: BatwomEn unmasked! – Part 2

*NOTE*: If you are see an advert before the youtube clip starts, that is not my doing. (copyright-owner)

Well, there are at least four unmasking in this movie…. GREAT!

(The lips on the full face masks…well….weird idea!)

Well, if you have missed that movie, you should get it!

Here is the title of the movie:

LINK: BatwomEn unmasked!

Spider-girl unmasks in front of the camera!

Well, in these pictures you can see a spider-girl in her bedroom😉

And after some posing she carelessly pulls off her mask….

Big mistake!


And here are all 4 pictures, including an unmasked shot:

LINK: Spider-girl unmasks in front of the camera!

I love these skintight suits with an attached mask:-)


Black Canary unmasked!

Well, actually it should be: “Imposter Black Canary” unmasked😉

In this episode we have an imposter black canary that wanna kill some guy. But Thea won’t let that happen and wanna know who that impost is under the mask (not the canary design, but thea’s)


(click to enlarge)

And here is the complete scene:

LINK: Black Canary unmasked!

*EDIT: NEW LINK to a download-site!!!*

(it was deleted twice from dailymotion)

And here is the title of the episode/show:

LINK: Title

Good unmasking! But why does the use an even smaller eye mask and not one of canary version?

An (animated) movie with Batwoman!

I learned this week that there is actally an animated movie with Batwoman! Great news!

I checked it and it’s worthy for a post.

Here are some pics:

(click to enlarge)

And here is the movie page with the title:

LINK: Title

Check out that movie!

Catwoman Cosplay #18

This catwoman costume is pretty different… an interesting desgin!

Check it out!


And here is the complete set with 7 pictures in full size:

LINK: Catwoman Cosplay #18

Your opinion?

I like the combination of “cowl” and mask. Still the mask would come off way too easy…

Well, unless both are connected😉

If you wanna see more of her:

LINK: Artist FB-site

Batgirl unmasked by the police!

Hey guys, sorry for the last post that involved stuff I already posted before…. So much posts already, so it’s getting harder to know what is already on the site (I should have checked).

So, this one is new and wasn’t on the site before😉


And here are all 5 pictures in full size:

LINK: Batgirl unmasked by the police!

Great art!

Thanks to “ManNamedEd” for commissioning it!:-)

The Cat burglar and the Hoff

I found a clip of this scene on great forum site😉

Now I checked the whole episode and edited a longer video of that scene, where the female cat burglar gets into…trouble. And of course without the audience sound in the background.


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

LINK: The Cat burglar and the Hoff

Great scene! Struggling could have been longer but….great unmasking!

And if you wanna know from what TV-show that scene comes from:

LINK: Title

Woman in fighter pilot gear incl. a mask

For this week I wanna post something new to this site. It’s a different kind of mask, but very sexy and mysterious in my opinion.😉


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

LINK: Woman in fighter pilot gear incl. a mask

I replaced the original music of the video because it would have been blocked in some countries by youtube. I replaced it with free “youtube”-music. No problems that way…

Well, that kind of masks is great in TWO ways😉

Your opinion?

Masked female “burglar” (or ninja)

Want more masked women? I edited this short video with a fine unmasking in it…



(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:
LINK: Masked female “burglar” (or ninja)

Thanks to whoever posted the info on this scene!

Wanna know the title of the episode and series?

Here you go:

LINK: Title

Masked frogwoman AND female ninja!

Thanks to the pretty active “participation week” I got some more material! This one… thanks to the user named “V”😉

I edited this clip together, only around 2 minutes, but you can see one woman as a masked frogwoman (a female diver with a scuba hood incl. a mask) AND later she wears a full face mask as she beats up the “hero”.


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

LINK: Masked frogwoman AND female ninja!

Wow! That are great scenes! Both!

First the masked frogwoman in rubber and than the sexy ninja…. And don’t worry you will see her face at the end😉

I edited the video and cut out all the “violent” scenes so that the video won’t be deleted for that reason. (the movie is pretty violent in the uncut version😉 )

If you wanna know tht title of the movie:

LINK: Title of the movie


The new UNMASKING forum is….OPEN!

Well, guys after some…..delays and setbacks the new site is now live!

The successor of TOYM aka Take off your mask! is

Behind the Mask!

The founder (not me) and one of our glorious admin team already put a lot of work into it.

Be sure to read the rules of our new site!

When you jump to the site you won’t see much, but in the welcome fourm you will find the answer why.

So the is the link:

Enjoy! And now post videos, pictures and your comments!

We want an active community!


Knightwoman unmasked! (female Batman)

For today I have a really good unmasking! Why is it so good?

Well, because the reaction of “Knightwoman” when she realizes that the evil villainess Scorpion wants to unmask her…


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

LINK: Knightwoman unmasked! (female Batman)

Really good for my taste!

Your opinion?

I edited the video and cut out some… content, so that the video can stay on youtube.

P.S.: You wanna see the new, great unmasking forum?

Well, stay tuned for another update! I wasn’t so good with my “when it’s ready” predictions in the past….but it should be ready in a matter of hours😉

Participation week!

Well, time that YOU get a little active!😉

I would like to know:

What is your favorite unmasking (video-)scene?

It can be in a feature film, TV-series or in a web-series. Just comment by clicking on the little “bubble” on the upper right corner of this post. (You don’t need your real name or mailadress).

Let’s see how many of you guys will participate…:-)

Our new unmasking forum…

….is about to be ready!

Missing the good old “Take off your mask” (aka TOYM)-site?

Well, good news! In 1-3 days the new site should be ready! It’s already open, but needs some final touches…. by the admins.

I let you know as soon you can join!😉

Nightshadow – Kickstarter project (with a masked vigilante)

“A vigilante must stop forces beyond anything she has ever known while on a search to uncover the truth about her past. ”

Sounds good to me:-)

Well, this is a kickstarter project that I would like to support by showing it here on my little blog. On their

kickstarter homepeage

you can read about the concept and watch a lot of videos regarding the project.

The masked vigilante will look somehow like this:



Well check out the kickstarter site and feel free to support the project. I would love to see the result, and right now the campaign has raised about 23.000$ of the 30.000$ they need.

8 days to go!

Batgirl cosplay at comic con – 2 videos

Hey folks, for today I got 2 videos with a batgirl cosplayer. She uses the new batgirl design from the arkham knight video game.


(click to enlarge)

Here is the 1st video:

LINK: Batgirl cosplay at comic con – 1

And here is the 2nd video:

LINK: Batgirl cosplay at comic con – 2


Great mask in my opinion! The rest of the costume is… well… ok.